Conference RAILCON '20

RAILCON ‘20 was organised on 15-16, October 2020 at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš.

The conference RAILCON '20 had 54 papers with a total of 124 authors from 46 institutions and from 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, North Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom and Serbia.

Due to the crisis caused by Covid 19, ten papers were presented online - three in Plenary session and seven in special session for online presentations. Also most of the conference was streamed online. It was also possible for conference participants to ask questions online and take an active part into discussion.

Almost 2/3 of the authors were from universities or higher education institutions, while the remaining third come from the railways, industry and institutes.

RAILCON 20 keynote speakers presented the following intersting topics:
• Special guest Mr. Carlo Borghini, Executive Director of Shift2Rail, presented Activities of Shift2Rail and its impact on the European rail system.
• Prof. Iwnicki from University of Hudersfield presented recent developments in the area of railway vehicle design with innovative solutions that are mainly the products of research projects and have the potential to improve the performance of railway vehicles.
• Dr Ulianov from Newcasle University presented research aimed to investigate the possibility of designing lightweight freight vehicles using advanced steel grades and novel structural profiles developed by industry, combined with composite materials, by integrating smart design and manufacturing solutions, as implemented within the Shift2Rail project INNOWAG.
• Dr Ristić Durrant from University of Bremen presented a review of research in the field of detection systems for obstacles or objects on the track with the aim of introducing autonomous train management, as conducted within the Shift2Rail project SMART.

Papers by sections covered the following topics:
• application of modern technologies in rail transport
• energy efficiency of rail transport
• modeling, calculation and experimental testing of railway vehicles
• application of modern diagnostic systems in vehicle and infrastructure maintenance
• analysis of passenger and freight railway traffic in the region
• development of a system for autonomous railway vehicles
• liberalization of the European railway market and opportunities to improve transport on corridors in the region

We thank all the authors for their efforts in preparing their papers for RAILCON 20. The papers from this year's conference will be posted on the conference web portal.

We would like to extend our thanks to the patron of this event:
• Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

We also owe a great gratitude to the co-financiers:

They all have helped in organizing the RAILCON’20 Conference and continuation of tradition of the gathering railway experts.