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XX Conference RAILCON ‘22 will be held in Niš, Serbia, on October 13 – 14, 2022.
The official language of the Conference is English.

Participation of the Conference can be either with or without a paper. In the case of participation with a paper it is firstly necessary to submit an abstract proposal. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit their print ready papers. Papers with positive reviews will be included in the Conference Program. Papers for which registration fees are paid will be published in the Conference Proceedings. Selected presented papers will be published in the International Journal of the University of Niš FACTA UNIVERSITATIS  Series: Mechanical Engineering which is on SCI list.

The RAILCON ’22 conference covers the following topics:

  1. Rolling Stock
    (design, development, producing, testing, modeling, simulating, controlling, reconstructing, upgrading, safety, energy efficiency, ecology)
  2. Traffic and Transport
    (freight, passenger, combined, urban, suburban, logistic, trans-shipment, operators, operation, organization, planning, marketing, services, operating safety, automation)
  3. Infrastructure
    (design, reconstruction, upgrading, electrification, power supply, management, control, digitalisation, communications, information systems, safety, energy efficiency, ecology)
  4. Vehicle and Infrastructure Maintenance
    (diagnostic, predicting maintenance, monitoring systems, maintenance technologies, reliability, quality control)
  5. Strategy and Policy
    (relations between State and Railway, economic, ecological, energy aspects, sustainability, finance, international regulations, investments, supplies, rationalization, restructuring, management, marketing, education, integration, public service obligation)
  6. Other Railway Aspects
    (that does not belong to the previously defined topics but refers to Railway)
  7. The Graduates and the Future of Railway
    (student presentations of successful Theses from the field of Railway)